SIMEANS Batteries

Types of SIMEANS batteries include: super heavy duty ، ultra alkaline  max power، litume and rechargeable

SIMEANS Power Banks

Types of power simeans banks include: PowerBank, Starter, and Flash Light


SIMEANS Accessory

Types of SIMEANS Accessory include: Battery chargers, car lights and flashlights


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As a company we are responsible for advancing our business to the benefit of all customers.This is only possible with our constant focus on quality,reliability,durability and professional values

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ARYA TAVAN AFZA With creative, active and energetic representatives able to provide new services and apply new ways of distributing products throughout the country

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Our purchasing experts are observing and negotiating the best producers all over the world, relying on their 20-year experience



Arya Tavan Afza company is proud to be the official representative of SIMEANS factory in 1394 as the only official representative in Iran and Iraq

Batteries CR
Batteries Lithium


Batteries Alkaline
Batteries Ultra Alkaline
Batteries Max Power


Batteries Rechargeable
Types of Charges
Types of Power Banks

These batteries are categorized into three categories based on qualitative classification

6LF22, LR20, LR14, LR6, LR03

CR Lithium Batteries

Specialty Lithium Batteries

Rechargeable Batteries

Max Power Batteries

Types of pumps and dishes

Types of pumps and dishes

For good and proper use of cosmetic products, the use of a good pump and a good packaging has a great effect on consumer satisfaction, and if the pump does not provide the consumer with a suitable amount of proportional sanitary-cosmetic product at any load, the product provided by each How quality it is, will not be properly available to the customer.

The pumps supplied by Aria Company are powered by China and designed in such a way as to make the product available to consumers at each pumping time.


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